Liberals end supports for foster kids. The BC Liberals end a BC NDP program that provided supports for youth aging out of care.

Christy Clark’s war on public education begins with her ripping up contracts with teachers.

BC Rail sold after BC Liberals promised not to sell BC Rail.

Legislature raided as RCMP investigate corruption in the sale of BC Rail.

HST sucker punch hits families with BC Liberal plans for a big new tax just after 2009 election.

BC Rail corruption trial ends with guilty pleas. Two BC Liberal staffers admit to providing and benefiting from insider information.

Taxpayer money used to make partisan attack website made by BC Liberal caucus staff. (This one's paid for by generous grassroots donors.)

Harry Bloy resigns after he is caught tipping off a BC Liberal party donor about a media investigation.

Health researchers fired without cause, Christy Clark government lies about RCMP investigation.

Pics or it didn't happen. No paper trail found after investigation into Premier's chief of staff who resigned after an incident at a bar with a female staffer.

"Quick Wins" plan by BC Liberals to use taxpayer funded resources for electioneering revealed.

Secret pay hikes approved by Christy Clark for top political staffers.

Christy Clark's secret ties to RCI Capital Group are revealed after she heavily promotes the company she used to work for during trade missions to Asia.

Patronage reward. After resigning his seat for Christy Clark, Ben Stewart spent most of his time in BC in the first seven months as trade representative in China.

Amrik Virk removed as advanced education minister for circumventing caps on senior executive pay when he was on the board of Kwantlen.

Auditor General for Local Government fired after revelations Christy Clark's pet project spent $5 million to produce only two audits.

Taxpayers lose $43 million in Coquitlam land deal to big BC Liberal donor.

Laura Miller charged. The executive director of the BC Liberal party faces multiple criminal charges related to Ontario's gas plant scandal.

High flying. Christy Clark's private jet bill tops $500,000.

Christy Clark top-up revealed. Christy Clark takes $300,000 from rich friends and big corporate donors to the BC Liberal party.

Breach of trust. Liberal operative faces charges. Pleads guilty to Elections Act charges on behalf of his company.

"Triple Delete", Christy Clark's political appointee pleads guilty to lying under oath to the Information and Privacy Commissioner about destroying government records.

A picture is worth a million tax dollars. Christy Clark's photography bill nears $1 million.

Renters lied to by Christy Clark's Housing minister who promises, then refuses to close a loophole leading to sky-high rents.

Illegal donations. BC Liberals return $93,000 as RCMP and special prosecutor called in.

Partisan government ads. Christy Clark government sued for taxpayer-funded ads that the Auditor General says are partisan.

Condo questions fly over $39 million low-interest loan from BC Housing to BC Liberal donors.

Christy Clark – not working for you.

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